You will need to notify your neighbours of the fence replacement or repair of your fence.

Our recommendation is to be proactive and speak with your neighbour(s) where applicable first to ascertain what type of fence you want and or if they are in agreement regarding the fence being replaced.

Notice to Fence/Contribute for fencing work:

You may be required to issue your neighbour with a Notice to Fence/Contribute for fencing work. You can find forms online, make sure you go to your local council for the correct one.

Does my fence need a permit?

Contact your local council to see if you require a building permit for your new fence. Some cases a permit is required due to the extension of height, style of the fence if your home is heritage listed or there is an estate covenant etc.

Dial before you dig:

Dial before you dig can provide you with a map of each authority i.e. energy, phone cables, water pipes and gas lines, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure you provide this information to your fence builder prior to works commencing. Visit their website to find out more:

What to look for/ask in a fencing contractor

  • Did your quote come from the actual builder of the fence?

  • Is your fence builder police checked?

  • Does your fence builder hold the correct insurances/public liability?

  • Do they offer a guarantee that you are confident of?

  • Is their quotation clear and concise so as to leave you in no doubt what you will be getting?


Why are these questions important?

Simply because of security, peace of mind and in the event that something goes wrong it is much easier to sort things out if all the above is in place .

During Fencing

Clearing fence lines:

You will need to clear your fence line prior works proceeding (unless you have requested your Fence Installer perform the task), the garden/clearance needs to be min 600mm both sides of the fence.

Proceeding with fencing construction:

Ensure that you have available: access to Power and Water 

Keep children away from work site:

Yes, it is a work site, you need to ensure your children's safety that they are not on site while the fence installation is happening.

To ensure the safety and security of your dogs/cats make sure you have them locked in the home or have them stay with a friend.

Replacement fence:

Replacement fences go back on the previous fence line although a 50mm variance is allowable and unless mutually agreed, palings and rails (where applicable) to be as they were.

New fence:

Survey pegs are required, and the responsibility for them and the fences location is back on the owner and or the person who has placed the pegs.

After Fencing


Payment will be required by all parties strictly on completion of the works



Dependant on the type/style of fence and fencing materials a manufacturers

guarantee will be issued along with our 5 year workmanship guarantee.


Does your fence need painting?

You can do this yourself or better still have xfence to assist you here, so let us know if you need your fence painted or  stained,  not only do you have a fence that looks good you are also caring for the longevity by fortifying the wood against the effects of the wind, rain and extreme temperatures. If staining the wooden fence use a heavy duty outdoor stain.



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